Bits and Tips: Paris

November 15, 2013

Paris Bits and Tips
{ Jardin de Tuileries. }

My impromptu trip to Paris has been nothing short of a dream, naturally. I’ve managed to hit some of my favorite spots in just 48 hours, catch a view of the Eiffel Tower, eat a croissant, dine at some classic French restaurants and attend the opening of the new Massimo Dutti store on Rue de la Paix. Here are some shots of the most romantic city in the world through the lens of my iPhone. Catch more pictures of my wanderings here on instagram.

A special thanks to the amazing Massimo Dutti team for making this an unforgettable time!

Paris Bits and Tips{ A beautiful arrangement accompanying my invite to the Massimo Dutti store opening. }Paris Bits and Tips{ Classic French architecture. }Paris Bits and Tips{ A patterned rug + chair I spotted while shopping. }Paris Bits and Tips
{ I couldn’t help myself, I had to take a classic blue door shot. }

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