It’s in the Details

November 1, 2013

{ A box weave knit sweater + loose waves. }

The start of a new month means the turning of a page, a fresh start. Time to press the refresh button at home, in the closet and anywhere else that’s begging for a mini makeover. I get asked from time to time where I get my style inspiration from and I realized the other day, while pinning like a mad woman, that for me it’s all in the details. I’m repeatedly drawn to the subtle moments or pairings that send me into a tail spin searching for the right pieces to execute in my own daily dressings. It could be the way a sweater is styled, the shape of a skirt, an unexpected combination or an accessory that fuels a handful of new looks and inspires me. Since I get so much from these captured details I dedicated an entire pinterest board to them here. So the next time you’re feeling stumped in front or your closet, start with a simple pairing and build your look around it. I promise you’ll be surprised at how it will shed light on newfound favorites in your wardrobe. Here are a few things currently on my Could I Have That?¬†running wish list. Head over to my pinterest profile¬†here if you’re looking for more fall and winter inspiration. f6fff59db521bd18c4108fbec05d3bf0{ Dark washed jeans + black and white stripes. }912ffa7a8f46001eb58acd642135a874{ A knee length white coat + a statement bag. }3de399056995285c0f11382b63cc16da{ Navy knits + black leather. }14897d3e8a8d549f13e90a58f28c0a45{ Elbow patches + grey knits. }ba441dd2cb0eeca2dd4b342ba89d0d77{ Camel colored pea coats + chunky sweaters. }

images via pinterest.

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