Early Bird

January 23, 2014

Early BirdThe absent winter on the West Coast has left me missing my chunky knits and coats. So much so I was willing to pull an early bird breakfast date with my friend Arna at the beach in hopes of getting some cooler temperatures. Surely I would need a sweater then. When I pulled up to the misty blue beach setting I could see the moon still shining bright, which made dragging myself out of bed completely worth it. I cracked open the car door and a flood of cold air came rushing in. Yep, definitely cooler, Ok really cold. I grabbed this coat as an extra layer and still couldn’t believe how chilly it was – gloves would have been a good idea. We quickly scampered into the restaurant to warm up with hot coco and french toast. It was just what the doctor had ordered.

Joie coat, Current/Elliott jeans, Cardigan sweater, Super sunglasses, vintage beanie (similar), Jennifer Fisher war cuff and bone cuff, Vita Fede cuff, Carrie Hoffman rings, Converse.
Early BirdEarly BirdEarly BirdEarly BirdEarly BirdEarly BirdEarly BirdEarly BirdPhotos by Arna Bee

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