January 7, 2014

Starry Eyed
When I thought about my goals for 2014, being healthier and exercising more wasn’t even on my list. It just sort of fell into place thanks to some new workout gear and a fancy new blender, funny how that works. Go on a hike at 8:30? Yoga two days in a row? A spontaneous solo walk/run… who me? I’m not sure where this side of me has been all these years but I’m going with it and planning to stick with it. 

Back to the yoga class, I’m Ok. I’ve got balance, semi-flexible limbs thanks to years of ballet, a cute mat (check) and a descent understanding of all the poses. However, when it comes to hand-stands, I’m a complete and total wussy. I always shrink into childs pose and peek out every once in a while at all the yogis gracefully balancing away. But the other day I got called out by the instructor. Baby steps he said. So he showed me an alternative “transition” pose to do that would prep me for  a hand-stand. After a couple of classes I’m already feeling more confident and so close. I’ll remember this little lesson throughout the year. Baby steps.

LA’t by L’Agence star pants, Joie tee, Helmut Lang blazer, Sara Designs watch, Ash booties, Celine Bag, custom ring (details coming soon). Starry EyedStarry EyedStarry EyedStarry EyedStarry Eyed
images by Arna Bee

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