March 31, 2014

could_i_have_that_3.25.14_071This weekend I felt antsy. What was meant to be two days of no plans, sleeping in and unplugging turned into a full fledged spring cleaning. As much as I wanted to fall asleep in the sun or read a book my unorganized closet and overflowing laundry pile kept me from deserving any R&R. One chore led to the next and I couldn’t stop. I was like a machine with a one track mind. Instead of fighting the mood I decided to let myself go purging every nook and cranny in our house. It’s amazing what you’ll find digging through your things. A sense of nostalgia always consumes me but in a wierd way parting with certain things can be therapeutic. Six hours passed in the blink of an eye but the second everything was donated, stored and tossed I felt like a load had been lifted. Our home felt more relaxing than ever.

On a style note, Amazon Fashion invited me to style a dress for their Instant Pretty campaign this month. Since I’m such a denim girl I knew I had to share this patched MIH dress. Something tells me I’ll be wearing this number a lot this season.

MIH dress c/o Amazon Fashion #instantpretty, Kenneth Cole sneakers, Celine bag, Mr. Kate necklace.

Photography by Arna Bee

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