Running Wild

March 21, 2014

Running WildThe other night I learned a lesson about wearing white. After spending an afternoon/night with family and a herd of little ones running wild with food, crayons, toys and more it became apparent that white is a color that’s meant to be enjoyed with caution around such crowds. I crave basic white staples every Spring (scratch that every season) and lately I’ve been wearing it head-to-toe. But it dawned on me how carefree my life is right now without worrying about blueberry soaked paws and dirty shoes on my lap. My blank monotone looks are slipped on without hesitation. I know someday those accidents or little stains will mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, but until then I plan on savoring my crisp white favorites. My most recent find in that department have been these pixie pants from Old Navy. They fit the bill for much needed tailored (yet simple) pants that I was finding a need for in my wardrobe. Plus the teensy bit of stretch makes them incredibly comfortable. So far they’ve been the perfect Spring basic to pair with other boyish pieces.

Old Navy pixie pants and men’s shirt, Doma leather jacket, Saint Laurent Betty bag, old J.Crew scarf, Super sunglasses, Lulu Frost necklace, Carrie Hoffman ring, Kenneth Cole sneakers.
Running WildRunning WildRunning WildRunning WildRunning WildRunning WildPhotography by Arna Bee


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