Hiking to Brunching

April 16, 2014

Hiking to Brunching When it comes to breaking a sweat, there are a few factors that fuel my motivation. One, I have to have good gear, two, it’s ten times more fun with friends, and three, there must be a reward of some kind at the end. Since we officially stepped into the spring season, one my favorite things to do on the weekends is meet a couple of friends for an early hike followed by brunch at a tasty little joint called D’Angelos. Only problem I ran into was not loving my look. I always felt slightly grubby in my hiking attire and was antsy to get home and put something less embarrassing on. So I decided to ramp up my ‘sporty yet chic’ options in my wardrobe and in the process I picked up a few tricks for transitioning from the trails to the table. Since finding some winners, I can’t help but mix them in with my everyday wears. My sporty side has officially kicked in.

Athleta sweatshirt and tank, AG boyfriend jeans, Nike sneakers, Super sunglasses, Celine bag.
Hiking to BrunchingHiking to BrunchingHiking to BrunchingHiking to BrunchingHiking to Brunching My trail to table tips…

Tip #1: Layers are essential. I can’t get enough of this hoodie I picked up which I’ve been styling with yoga pants and jeans for an active look. Tip #2: Always pack some tools to tame the mane. Hide messy hair with a hat or throw it up in a bun with some pins. Tip #3: Switch out your workout pants for jeans. It’s less obvious that you hit the gym (or trails) and slightly more pulled together. Tip #4: An oversized black tote is sleek and hides all the necessities. Plus you can count on it staying clean where ever you choose to burn some calories. Tip #5: Find a brand that works with your body. There are a few sources I consistently return to knowing I’ll be satisfied. I find myself browsing Athleta’s tops all the time because I know the fit and length is exactly what I like.
Photography by Arna Bee


This post brought to you by Athleta, the premier fitness fashion brand for women.

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