Sandy Toes

May 16, 2014

Sandy ToesIt’s true when they say, some things change, and some stay the same. There is a beach that’s near the house where I grew up. I spent nearly every summer there as a kid, walked every family dog we owned there and it served as the backdrop to many hilarious Christmas cards. Then at that same beach I met my husband at a bonfire. It’s become one of those sweet places that when I revisit, as much as I have changed, it seems to stay just the same.

It’s the same story with a few wardrobe classics. I will never tire of a grey sweatshirt, especially if it’s old and extra worn in. I realized that I’ve always owned one and probably always will. What I pair with it is subject to change but you can’t deny the versatility of it. It’s cozy enough to snuggle up in at home but can be dressed up to look cool and stylish with the right pairings. Now that were coasting towards summer I’ve been wearing this one from Old Navy with a cropped denim vest for most beach outings, early morning trips to the farmer’s market and days that have a cool breeze making it just chilly enough for long sleeves. It’s a classic combo that just enough style while still being relaxed enough for the season.

Old Navy denim vest and sweatshirt, Chanel slides, Saint Laurent aviators, Anine Bing leather shorts, Celine tote (similar).
Sandy Toes Sandy Toes Sandy ToesSandy Toes Sandy ToesSandy ToesSandy Toes Sandy ToesPhotography by Jacqueline PilarOldNavy_Logo (1) (1)This post was sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s latest fashion lineup in store or online at


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