May 1, 2015

PeachyI used to make a list at the start of every month of all the things I wanted to do, make, see and eat. I’d stick it to the fridge as a reminder to plan ahead and actually do them before time slipped away. That was a few years back and life has since taken a more spontaneous road. The only thing I plan ahead these days are dates with friends, trips, parties and appointments. Weekends come and go and I’ve been questioning where all the time is going. So this month I’m going back to my old ways. Here’s my May list of musts… what are yours?

1. Go to the movies with my main man.
2. Make peach cobbler.
3. Take a day trip to the Getty Museum.
4. Start making Elin’s baby book.
5. Get back into Yoga.
6. Picnic with friends.
7. Have a shopping day in LA with my Mom.
8. Clean out the garage (that’s a biggie).
9. Meet my girlfriends for a pedi.
10. Brunch at the beach.

Tibi cami and Timo Weiland skirt (similar) loaned from Whistle Club, Preston & Olivia hat, Jennifer Fisher cuff, Tibi shoes (similar). PeachyPeachyPeachy PeachyPhotographs by Arna Bee

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