Sorbet Stripes

June 29, 2015

solid and stripedIf I could click my heels (or sandals in this case) three times and be in the most perfect summer vacation spot it would look something like this. A little cove with calm clear blue waters, fine white sand, dramatic cliffs, perfectly lined up striped umbrellas and a walk up beach bar. So, pretty much the coast of Italy. When I picked up this suit I immediately thought about those aerial shots of European coasts speckled with beach goers and a grid of umbrellas. Kind of makes you want to say ¡arrivederci! and jet over to the boot.

Solid & Striped suit (find it in other colors here and here), Sarah Flint sandals, Preston & Olivia hat, Kendall Conrad thin bangle,
CIHT_6.8.15_229solid and stripedPhotography by Arna Bee

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