Sea Foam

July 21, 2015

Could I Have ThatHave you ever noticed how pretty the ocean can be when the sun hits it perfectly and it lights up like a disco? Or the way seafoam moves making the coolest patterns. Last week we spent five days in Sun Valley Idaho—more to come on our trip. The second we touched down I couldn’t get over how different the color palette was. Fields of gold, thick forests of emerald, trees that moved like glitter and blue skies that seemed to go on forever. It was a breathtaking scene that was so different and pretty I couldn’t get enough. It also made me look at my own seaside town with new eyes. Its funny how easily you can get used to your own landscape.

Heidi Merrick tank and bikini bottoms, Marysia bikini top, Preston & Olivia hat, Alexis Russell cuff, Jennifer Fisher cuff.
Could I Have ThatCould I Have ThatCould I Have ThatCould I Have That Could I Have That Could I Have That Could I Have That Could I Have That

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Photography by Arna Bee

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