What’s Your Sign?

September 9, 2015

ann-taylor-zodia-tote-could-i-have-thatLoft cardigan, zodiac tote, denim skirt and chambray shirt, Nicholas Kirkwood loafers, Celine sunglasses.

True fact, my mom is a total astrology junkie. I call her a high-end hippy because she loves her fancy cosmetics and clothes but finds the power of goji berries and flower essence to be of equal importance to her daily routine. It’s comical at times but there’s some truth to her knowledge that keeps me coming back for more. Mercury in retrograde, my aquarius moon… they all explain something that I’m going through. She makes me feel better whatever the problem is. We had some fun recently reading our horoscopes by the Saturn Sisters over on the LOFT website—shopping and astrology? Our cup of tea. You can check out your sign daily and monthly! Head on over here to read yours and pick up a fun tote while you’re at it.

ann-taylor-zodia-tote-could-i-have-that-2Loft-zodiac-tote ann-taylor-zodia-tote-could-i-have-that-10 ann-taylor-zodia-tote-could-i-have-that-9 ann-taylor-zodia-tote-could-i-have-that-6 ann-taylor-zodia-tote-could-i-have-that-3

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