Five Basics

November 30, 2015

could-i-have-that-chantelle-parisNot too long ago I shared my story about being properly measured by a Chantelle Paris lingerie specialist, if you missed it read about it here. Soon after the experience five bras arrived in the mail, one that would support every aspect of my life from the clothes I wear to the type of exercise I fancy. I have to say, certain clothes look miles better than they did before and I feel a little more feminine each day knowing I’m wearing a beautiful bra that fits me perfectly. Here are the 5 basics you should have in your lingerie drawer. 
chantelle-paris-could-i-have-that-31. The Demi-bra, for times when you need a little lift. I picked this lacy one because a black lacy bra is essential, no? Look for a vertical seam for the ultimate lift and fit.

2. The Push-Up bra. I have found that this one is essential when it comes to sweaters or even thin t-shirts.

3. The Plunge bra, for low cut tops.
chantelle-paris-could-i-have-that-24. A good athletic bra, this one is amazing!

5. A smooth cup t-shirt bra for everyday cotton tees.

Be sure to check out the Chantelle Paris Pinterest Giveaway going on now! They’re giving away a bra each week to a lucky winner and a $500 gift card at the end of the month. Also don’t miss their fit guide here, something handy for your next trip to the lingerie department!

Photography by Arna Bee

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