January 28, 2016

CIHT_12.15.15_089Fact: I own a snowboard. Truth: I wouldn’t call myself a snowboarder. In fact I might be the furthest thing from one. I haven’t been down a ski slope in over four years now and I can’t say I feel any ounce of FOMO (translation for my mom: fear of missing out). But I will say that I most definitely fantasize about dressing for the snow, and of course, falling back into a heap of powder for the most epic snow angel. I guess I’m more of a snow bunny, or as the urban dictionary would define it—a girl who goes to the mountains in cute ski/snowboard clothes to drink hot chocolate. Until I actually find myself near any fresh powder, this fluffy snow-like coat will have to fill the void.

Coach bag and coat (on sale!), AG jeans, Celine sunglasses (similar finds), French Connection top (similar), Isabel Marant boots, Givenchy bracelet.

CIHT_12.15.15_086CIHT_12.15.15_094 CIHT_12.15.15_090 CIHT_12.15.15_088
Photography by Arna Bee

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