White and Sand

March 16, 2016

COULD_I_HAVE_THAT_3.11.16_155Growing up in California, I’ve always found the beach to be one of my biggest sources of inspiration. From the faded color palette and fresh smells to the shapes and designs sea foam makes when the tide washes in, it’s intoxicating to me on some level and I’m always finding myself mimicking it. When it comes to beachwear, I’ve always stuck to pieces that feel organic to the setting. Soft colors and classic shapes is my moda operandi. I’ve become slightly addicted to Marysia suits. I get a surge of bikini shopping fever every time I peek at her collection and find myself falling in love with the idea of dressing for the sun. The colors, fit and shapes are perfection in my book and I can’t seem to own enough. This one piece has been a recent favorite, which has appropriately led to some spontaneous beach/pool days (hooky?). Something about a white bikini blends in all too perfectly against the serene water and I love how it quietly stands out agains the muted sandy setting. More favorites from Marysia’s line below. The next obsession, Marysia’s latest shade—Sand.

Marysia swimsuit, Preston & Olivia Marti hat, Döen tunic, Valia Gabriel sandals, Celine sunglasses (similar).
COULD_I_HAVE_THAT_3.11.16_202COULD_I_HAVE_THAT_3.11.16_166marysia-swimsuit-could-antibes-maillotCOULD_I_HAVE_THAT_3.11.16_175COULD_I_HAVE_THAT_3.11.16_212 Doen-tunic-could-i-have-thatCOULD_I_HAVE_THAT_3.11.16_186

Photography by Arna Bee

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