Fall Prep

August 11, 2016

CIHT_7.6.16_097You know something is good when you feel the need to own it in multiple colors, or at least every option its available in. This M.i.h. top was one of those finds—seen here in white also and coveting this shade of blue. It’s the perfect blouse in my book with a fluttery ruffle along the sides that moves with the breeze. Normally I wouldn’t go for a plaid, but when it comes to fall I just can’t help myself. Something about the pattern pumps me up for the season ahead and a flood of warm, cozy happenings makes me feel giddy. But until we start pulling out the layers, I’ll be wearing this happy print with my summer favorites. Side note: these white jeans from Paige have been my absolute favorites this summer, the cut and shape is perfection. Rewind to the beginning of this post and these jeans fall under the same category—must buy in every shade available.

CIHT_7.6.16_104 PL1 CIHT_7.6.16_123 CIHT_7.6.16_096

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