Trending: Embroidery

September 27, 2016

embroidery1_cihtOut of all the trends this fall I have to say that embroidery is one of my favorites. What’s not to love about a red poppy covered denim skirt? From floral appliqués on loafers to personalizing your denim with initials, its safe to say that this is a style that can instantly lift your mood. There’s something juvenile about it, which I love, and thanks to Gucci the vintage favorite is now considered luxe and cool.

Elin is one step ahead, just take a peek at her cool Levi’s jacket. I on the other hand have been on the hunt for a while now searching for that perfect piece. My agenda for the of-the-moment statement is to find a subtle way of sporting the look. Below are a few favorites I’ve had my eye on.

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