A Happy {Pink} Place

January 26, 2017

I know the start of a new year is supposed to feel like a clean slate loaded with motivation and a fresh outlook, however this month was quite the opposite in my world. I felt like I was a fish swimming upstream in just about every aspect of my life, as if I was stuck in molasses. One road block after another kept me from coming in hot for 2017—that hideous flu? Yep I got it. Instead of feeling inspired and bursting with plans and ideas, I was playing catch up while trying not to let the discouraged voice in my head take over.

So what’s a girl in a rut to do? I headed to the happiest, pinkest, sugary-est place I could think of, Andersen’s Danish Bakery, with my pal Arna to catch up over some caffeine on a stormy day. As January comes to a close (good riddance!) I’m already feeling like things are turning around for the better. Maybe we put too much pressure on that perfect start to a new year, what do you think? Good things are coming our way.

Wearing: Layered tops by Ramy Brook and J.Crew, Mother denim jeans, Ashley B. jacket (similar), The Office Of Angela Scott loafers.

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Photography by Arna Bee

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