Snowed In

January 4, 2017

ciht_sun_valley_2016_032Nothing puts you in winter mode quite like a trip to the snow, Sun Valley to be exact. Our spontaneous trip last week was timed perfectly with some fresh snow fall. We arrived at night and woke up to a blanket of white that covered every inch, leaf and branch around and looked like something out of a painting. It was so calm, serene and inviting like a soft pillow. And so my instinct was to open the sliding door and have a fleeting moment in the foot of powder that sat untouched on the deck… at which point I cursed screamed and ran inside because it was THAT cold. Some of you may already know how to dress for 15º weather but I certainly didn’t. Here’s a few things I learned from our escapade.
ciht_sun_valley_2016_0281. First and foremost invest in some warm socks and snow shoes. Slipping on ice is a real thing. During the day I lived in these UGG Arquette boots because they had a warm sheepskin lining and were waterproof. I also loved that you could style them a couple different ways—zipped all the way up or cuffed. ciht_sun_valley_2016_0162. Layers, layers and more layers. But the most important one to remember is the base layer—tights, long underwear, tight long sleeve shirts etc. This Lululemon top I packed ended up being a lifesavor. ciht_sun_valley_2016_038ciht_sun_valley_2016_041 ciht_sun_valley_2016_0233. A long warm coat. I brought the wimpiest options and ended up having to borrow this black one (similar find). That extra foot past your hips really does give you some added warmth.ciht_sun_valley_2016_0204. Gloves and hats. Its pretty easy to underestimate how cold your exposed areas will get, especially if you’re like me and haven’t been in the snow for a while. I never left the house without my knit beanie from Club Monaco and a pair of leather gloves from Coach. One thing I wished I had in the accessories department was a gaitor for snow shoeing and skiing. ciht_sun_valley_2016_0185. Sunglasses. I can’t tell you how many times I walked outside and was blinded by the bright snow. It might be cold but don’t forget your sunnies. Wearing pair of Celine shades above but have had my eye on some new finds here: Carlina by Chloe, Alternative Fit by Karen Walker.

Wearing: jeans, boots, ski sweater, hat, gloves, sunglasses (similar) and jacket (similar).

Photography by Arna Bee

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