The three bras I rely on

March 1, 2017

What you wear underneath is just as important as what you wear on top. The right bra can give you support in terms of how your clothes fit and keeping you comfortable—which is key to feeling confident. So what I’m I all about these days when it comes to my lingerie drawer? Stick with me, I’m going to spill all the details and re-introduce you to my newfound favorite Thirdlove who recently debuted some new styles.

Before I dive in, I have to share my biggest tip when it comes to lingerie shopping. Don’t assume your size, our bodies are always changing and before you know it a few years go by and you’re still wearing that same bra and size. If you don’t have time to get properly measured, try out the Fit Finder that Thirdlove offers. You can also test out a bra size before even purchasing the bra so you can be sure of your correct size—amazing right!

So here we go the three style’s I’ve been relying on lately…

#1: Front Closure Lace Racerback Bra. Not only is this bra utterly pretty with the lace detail, it’s the most comfortable one I’ve ever worn. It has adjustable straps (most racerback styles don’t have this function) and plunge cups that I love so I can wear it with v-neck tees and button-downs. I get a substantial lift without there being too much padding in the bra, so overall it gets the job done without feeling like armor on me.
#2: The 24/7 Classic Strapless Bra. I used to avoid strapless bras all together because I could never find one that I liked (and worked). They would always slide down and I’d be left fidgeting like a crazy person. However I gave this one a whirl and I was pleasantly surprised. I even forgot that I was wearing it at one point. It’s lightweight, has some traction on the top of the cup and seems to hug my body just perfectly. Moving into Spring and Summer, this will definitely become a favorite.
#3: Perfect Contour Plunge. I was originally drawn to this bra because of the mesh detailing on the straps, but after wearing it a few days, it’s the fit that sets this style apart from the rest. One issue I always had with my bras was a bit of gaping at the top of the cup, because of the strap style and fit this one doesn’t do that at all—hallelujah. The super soft memory foam cups give a natural lift—again, nothing worse than wearing a heavy armor-like bra, no thanks!—and has a smooth fabric overlay. If you struggle with finding a bra you like, this one might be worth a try as it suits all sizes and shapes.
Shop the different styles and colors here:

Thank you to ThirdLove for supporting this post, all opinions are my own // Photography by Arna Bee 

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