Five Fall Shoes To Buy Now

August 23, 2017

While I’m not running out for freshly sharpened pencils or grabbing my coziest sweaters there’s no denying that the feeling of fall is near. The temperatures say summer (especially this week) but the vibe is inching towards a change of season. And that change means a new pair of shoes—like how I spun that one? Jokes aside, it’s the first place I incorporate a nod to the season. Moving from sandals to loafers can instantly change the mood of your whole look, even if they’re paired with that sweet summer dress you can’t stop wearing. This pair by The Office Of Angela Scott has made this whole “transitioning into Fall” thing ten times easier.

Case in point whatever soles you have your eye on at the moment, ya’ know for those cooler days, bite the bullet and add to cart asap, because you really can start wearing them now.

Photography by Jacqueline Pilar

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