Labor Day White

September 5, 2017

I’m pretty sure that rule about wearing white after Labor Day holds no water, but regardless it’s fun to celebrate by wearing all the white in your closet—even at the beach. We soaked in all the hours we could getting sandy this long weekend, especially with the crazy hot and humid weather we’ve been having. Yesterday we went from a 95-degree day to a sudden downpour of rain and it felt like we were on a tropical island instead of California.

The less clothes you had on the better, I lived in my Marysia swimsuits (as did Elin) and relied on a few favorite cover ups… (Pictured, Mexico Maillot on me and Bumby Honolulu top and bottom on Elin).

While everyone is closing the door on Summer, here in Santa Barbara we get the best Indian Summers so for me I won’t be packing up my beach bag just yet. In fact it will stay fully packed by the door well into September. Here’s what I always keep in my beach tote—including the greatest beach hack for getting sand off your feet before hopping in your car, baby powder. The sand just glides off, works like a  charm!

Photography by Jacqueline Pilar.

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