Three Tricks To Motivate Exercising

September 29, 2017

Alright, so I’ve been reading a lot and it turns out the best way to keep your stress levels in check is to exercise regularly. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty lazy about my workout regime because a.) I can never seem to find the time between work and family b.) it’s never been a huge priority since I’m naturally thin and c.) it’s hard to set aside that to do list of things I “should” be doing. But here’s the thing, exercising pumps up your endorphins which creates a chemical reaction in your brain making you feel happy and your body feel good—you’re bound to feel better whatever you’re doing. Plus it’s also meditative and gives whatever is swirling inside your head a little break, yes please. The list goes on from there, better sleep, it can lift your mood… translation we should all be sweating every week.

With all that in the back of my head, I still struggle at times to motivate. Excuses, excuses. But lately I’ve discovered a few tricks that seem to encourage me actually getting out the door and DOING IT.

1. Pick up some new workout threads. This is the best trick, because if you’re excited to put on your new white Outdoor Voices pants (like moi, pictured) you might just get that extra push you need. Plus, I’ll throw these on for a Saturday morning coffee run and roll it into a walk, hike or yoga class—it’s that much easier when you already have your gear on. Sharing some of my favorite finds below.

2. Set up a weekly workout date with a friend. Having a standing day that you meet a friend for a hike or walk makes the scheduling ten times easier. Plus when there’s someone else depending on you to show up, it holds you accountable. Not to mention it’s a great way to catch up with a friend
3. Sign up for a class. That thing about holding you accountable also works when you’ve committed to a class of some sort. I’ve gotten really into CorePower Yoga and knowing that I have to be there by a certain time keeps me on track with planning ahead and actually making it there.

4. Turn on a Podcast. If your hans solo and need something to get you excited, try one of these: How I Built This, That’s So Retrograde, The Lively Show, The Goal Digger, GirlBoss and Pardon My French.

Cool threads to break a sweat in…

Photography by Jacqueline Pilar

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