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January is one of those months that require a lot of wiping the slate clean. It’s been my on going theme these past few weeks and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I felt off from the start of 2018. After the holidays and domino affect of natural disasters around me my brain and soul needed a break. I didn’t know what else to do with myself but clean. I desperately needed to declutter my world and mind to get back to a good place. I’m still on the road to filling up my cup again but I thought I’d share some of the things that have been helping me jumpstart my engines. 

De-clutter your home.

It always feels good to do a sweep whether that be in the bedroom, wardrobe, kitchen junk drawer or bathrooms. If you haven’t used it or worn it in a year plus, get rid of it. I feel like my stress level goes down when my house feels organized and airy. I should note, I’m not perfect in this department, which is why it feels so good I think. So if you have any tips for keeping a clean organized house, drop me a note below. I did however purge my closets and made room for some simple, classic pieces like this white v-neck sweater from Hatch


Ok, ok I know this is becoming such a cliché answer to calming your mind and soul, but there is actual science behind it that will turn you into a believer. If you’re skeptical or doubting your ability to do it, here are some helpful tips. Start with 1 minute a day—yep it’s proven to make a difference. Find a quite place and just focus on your breathing. Play music if it helps (I like Brian Eno). There’s a great book by (not a hippy!) Dan Harris, the GMA reporter, called 10% Happier who wrangled his anxiety by meditating. 

Slip Under The Sheets Early

I’m notoriously bad at being disciplined with my bedtime. Because I am a mom, those hours after Elin is in bed always seem like a good opportunity to squeeze one (or ten) more email in or watch T.V. But really it winds me up even more and then once I’m in bed I can’t fall asleep. So I’ve been making it a priority to slip into bed around 9:15 with a book and my cell phone far away. It has made a huge difference in my day to day lately. 

How are you filling up your cup this month? -

Photography by Jacquline Pilar // Thank you to Hatch for supporting this post. 

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