Aviator Update

April 9, 2018

Thanks to Tom Cruise (a lá Top Gun) I will forever find aviators and leather jackets cooler than cool. Throughout the years I’ve always returned to the classic frame mixing it with feminine pieces, denim, weathered tees and everything in between. It’s been a staple in my collection of “things that make me feel cooler” and I’ve had my fair share when it comes to versions of the good old’ Ray Bans—definitely still have a pair of those.

Enter the newest member to my aviator family—Illesteva Wooster sunglasses. You know when you’re shopping for shades and keep putting the same pair on and then changing your mind but then coming back to them? All the while staring at yourself in the mirror through every corner of your eye as you flirt with the idea of something that’s out of your normal look. Yeah, that was me when I found this pair. Ultimately I took a chance and haven’t regretted the decision. Partly because they bring “cool” to a whole new au-currant-fashion-kind-of-cool, but also because they pair so well with my favorite gold chains and pendants—something else that’s inspiring my Spring wardrobe.

This past week they’ve been that dose of something different to add to the regular old favorites—denim, prints and the many (many) white feminine favorites I gravitate towards. And even though I thought they wouldn’t be those “everyday glasses” I’ve been surprised at how easily they go with everything. Turns out honey lenses are the new neutral.


Photography by Jacqueline Pilar.

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