Sweater Season, All My Favorites

December 17, 2018

It’s officially sweater season, even in California, and I’ve been wearing my coziest knits non-stop. I consider myself a year-round knit lover (I’m always cold) so my collection includes some that I’ve loved for years and refuse to part with (no matter how worn and pilled it is). But that’s the nice thing about well-made knits, they’ll last you a lifetime if you care for them and buy wisely. I’ve come to love a handful of brands that have proven to be the best, simply because I’m still wearing their product 4+ years later. Since we’re in the thick of the coziest season, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you all. 

Pictured: White + Warren striped sweater, rachel comey leg jeans and Simon Miller tee

Winter Charm

There’s something about fair isle sweaters that makes me crave a ski trip to the mountains or just a cozy night by an outdoor fire pit. It’s a seasonal statement that you can bet will never get old—wishing my grandmother hung on to some of hers from the 70’s, they were epic! I’ve been eyeing this one by &Daugther because it has that old school fair isle look and I just love the colors and style. A does of pattern for layering (especially this one) with some cool mountain boots is timeless. 

The Coatigan

I have a handful of these in my wardrobe and I literally live in them. Because California winters are really too warm most of the time for a puffer or wool coat, a cashmere grandpa cardigan (or coatigan) is just right. They’re the best for layering, pretty much go with anything (well the super neutral ones) and simply the best when you just need to be cozy. Also they 100% double as robes, I’ve been putting off getting one and instead just use my coziest coatigans around the house. Bonus I feel less embarrassed to march something out to our trash cans in the morning and wave to the neighbors. 

My Go-To Brands



White + Warren

Autumn Cashmere

Nili Lotan 





Photography by Sara Prince

Fair Isle Sweater

Luxe Stitch Coatigan

Wrap Sweater

Linear Sweater

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