New Denim Cravings

March 6, 2019

Denim is no doubt a wardrobe staple, but every once in a while styles get tired, preferences change and so do the trends. I did a complete overhaul of my denim the other day because I realized I was only wearing about 10% of it. And the famous au current saying of “does it bring you joy?” struck a nerve and I purged big time.

Funny how a wardrobe purge, or purge of any kind really, can bring a new sense of clarity. I suddenly knew exactly what I loved wearing and what I needed moving forward. Basically any tight skinny jeans got tossed, I never wear them any more and much prefer a relaxed, straight leg. Here are some styles I have my eye on and a pair I’ve been living in.

Vintage Shapes

I keep meaning to make a trip to one of the flea markets to pick up some vintage levi’s. I’ve never actually attempted to score my own pair but I love how they look on friends who are avid Rose Bowl and Long Beach flea market goers. I did find this new brand called Slvrlake Denim that makes cuts comparable to that vintage look, another option I want to try. This pair in particular. 


During my denim purge I noticed a serious void when it came to a good pair of white jeans. I have my trusty Rachel Comey Legion jeans but wanted something a little less flared and brighter white. I came across this AG pair—suddenly finding so many from this brand that I love!—and it’s at the top of my list at the moment. The shape is perfectly straight without being too flared or too cropped. 

Fitted Dark Wash/Black

Whatever the season, a good pair of well fitted, straight leg black jeans is a must, in my opinion. I have some J Brand jeans with a medium wash that I literally live in and I’m hoping this pair is going to be just like those as the shape, style and cut look exactly the same. My go to with a style like this is an oversized sweater, flats or sneakers and either a long coat or a tee and blazer. 

Other denim styles to check out for your Spring wardrobe… 

The Pair I’ve worn and loved the longest… 

During my purge, the first pair I put in the keep pile was this slim, extra long pair from Citizens of Humanity. They’re called The Agnes and if you’re like me and struggle to find jeans that are long on you, this is your pair. I live in them with mules and slides. The second pair I put in the keep pile is my Mother Tomcat jeans, pictured up top. I love the way it hugs my hips and tukus while still having a straight relaxed leg. 

What denim styles are you guys into at the moment?

Tomcat Straight Leg

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