Snow Gear Favorites

February 9, 2022

Over the last 5 years we’ve made a handful of trips to Sun Valley during the winter and I’ve finally figured out my snow style and the things I like to wear while staying warm. After spending 2 weeks there over the holidays I promised you guys I would share my list of favorites so here it is!  From what I wore, to a few things on my wish list, to what the kids wore and the gear that really made life with a toddler in the snow much easier. 

My Favorites: 

I realized I need more ski clothes after wearing the same two outfits for skiing and sledding pretty much the entire time we were there. The number one thing I loved and wore the most was my Cordova ski suit. It just feels iconic, I love the fit and I’m not a fan of big baggy ski pants. I wore it around on snowy days, on the ski hill and sledding galore. My favorite long underwear was from Sweaty Betty because I loved the feel of the fabric and the turtleneck style kept me warm and doubled as a gator. A few others below that I wore and love. 

Kids Favorites + Gear

I have a new appreciation for anyone who parents in the snow. The gear, the sudden “I have to pee” before getting on a chairlift and the amount of time it takes to just get out the door with all the layers and gloves and things! Here is what worked well for us that I’d buy again in a heart beat. P.S. That inflatable snowman sled was the best by far (adults and kids!). 

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