Movie Night

June 15, 2022

The last school night of the year Elin wanted to make a list for Summer and all the things she wanted to do. Must have been a continuation of something they did in class, it was too cute. Pen and paper in hand she wrote down 25 things and towards the top was “build a fort and have a movie night,” which I was all for. So last weekend we did just that and man did I figure out the perfect spot (thanks to some kitchen clips) was able to create a little star filled nook for the girls who picked out Sleeping Beauty to watch. 

I got the sweetest sheets from the new Walmart x Gap Kids Home collection with little scattered blue stars that went with the softest blue chambray comforter and pillow set. A star projector (their favorite for fort-building ambiance) and of course popcorn bags because what is a movie night without some popcorn?! It was the sweetest summertime memory to make that has no doubt become a tradition in our family. 

Thank you to Walmart for supporting this post, all opinions are my own. 

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