Room Refresh For The Girls

February 14, 2024

We recently did a much needed room upgrade for both of the girls who had outgrown their current setup—Lila was pushing 4 and still in a crib and Elin was doing 3rd grade math on a toddlers table… it was definitely time. We partnered with West Elm to add a few new pieces to both rooms as well as repurposing things we already had and loved like Todd’s childhood Swedish sleigh bed, now in Lila’s room, and rugs we bought on a trip in Morocco. 

Elin was desperate for bunkbeds and I immediately caved when we found this one designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel—also, we’ve entered our sleep-over era so this makes things so much easier! She also requested no pink, while Lila was happy to incorporate all of it into her “princess room” as she dubbed it. I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out but more importantly the girls are so proud of their new rooms which perfectly reflect them. Some shots of their rooms by the talented Arna Behar.

I love this little corner of Elin’s room where we read books, hang out and act as the “audience” whenever there’s a performance (and there’s a lot of them). The painting came from my grandparents house and for years I could never find a good place for it until now. It pulled the room together perfectly and looked so aetherial with the soft chalk wood color on the bunkbed

If Lila had it her way, she’d be wearing a princess tutu gown 24/7, we are in our dress-up stage big time! So the tutu rack came out and we created a room where she could do all the things she loves. We brought in in this play table and chairs and she uses it everyday for all her drawings, building projects, legos and of course running Lila’s beauty salon. 

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