The Boudoir

May 3, 2010

It took me close to two weeks to move into a new house but I’m finally situated and can relax, kick up my feet and enjoy the new digs with my roomies. It’s a fun process, however, not one I would like to repeat too often for two reasons—one, you realize how much “stuff” you accumulate and two, the post back ache. My bedroom was the biggest feat since I had to get creative with a smaller closet space and room but after some trips to Ikea, Bed Bath & Beyond and The Container store, I was able to make it all work—with some help from W Designs of course. See my inspiration here and how I picked my wall color, Tortilla, here.

I put a full length mirror against one wall to make the room feel bigger
I incorporated some grey and blue stripes with my favorite blue lamp and a drift wood wall piece by Madera del Mar
A favorite painting of East Beach in Santa Barbara
My semi organized jewelry displayed on a mirror and rings in mini dishes
Dried Garlic flowers
A second closet from the Container store with a custom cover designed and made by W Designs
Curtains made a huge affect in this room which gets a lot of afternoon light
A vintage towel rack I found at an antique sale

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