August 19, 2011
[ A wire basket found at a flea market that now houses old favorite issues ]
I couldn’t be more thrilled for Friday to roll around. This week as been exceptionally hectic and stressful and I can’t wait to be a homebody for the next two days. With hot temperatures on the horizon and a stack of new (and thick!) September magazines, I plan on lounging in the backyard with some home brewed iced tea. The two outings during my strenuous r&r weekend plans? My friend Katie’s wedding (check out her amazing blog Ink & Post) and a visit with my to-cute-for-words nephew, Sebastian. Here are a few things around the house that I’ve been loving this week.
 [ Dried Lavender in antique glass bottles ]
 [ I love pairing this shimmery pillow against brightly colored textiles ]
 [ Lately I’ve been loving Hydrangeas. They last so much longer than other flowers and look so full when bunched into one vase. ]
[ A new antique blanket found at Punch. ]
[ The sleek and simple invitation for Katie’s wedding ]

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