Closet Space

January 26, 2012
The other day I had an almost melt down when I couldn’t find my favorite Theysken’s Theory top. I rummaged through my tuna-can-sized closet over and over again only to realize it was doubled up on a hanger underneath a flannel—a space saving tactic I’ve resorted too. Since then I’ve been daydreaming about an organized, spacious, feminine room to call my closet. Here are some dreamy wardrobes I can’t get enough of.
Mirrored and organized with a chandelier.
 Closet + giant bathtub = lady of leisure zone.
 Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, one of the first I fantasized about.
 Comfortable and cozy with hits of pink.
 Love the fireplace in Jenna Lyons’ former closet.
Jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher’s white marble closet—love her style, see the rest of her incredibly cool abode over on The Coveteur.

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