January 18, 2013
{ White linen shades + a khaki couch }
When daydreaming about home improvements with the fiance, I constantly circle back to how badly I want our walls and wood floors to be white. I’m not sure why yet (I know it sounds boring!) but the thought of more lightness and a blank canvas is too good. It’s something I always go back to in my wardrobe when I need to reign it in. Here are some white interiors I’ve been drooling over and filing in my “dreamy home” folder.
{ White wood floors + white mirror }
 { White walls + floors + black accents }
 {Muted pastel shades + white }
{ Soft grey + white linens }
 { Rustic elements mixed with a feminine chandelier }
 { White kitchen + open shelving }
images via pinterest

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