Petal Pushing {At Home}

May 7, 2013
{ Hydrangeas in a vase stacked on books and a pop of color. }
Every year when Spring rolls around I get the itch to constantly fill the house with fun flower arrangements. There’s just something about warm weather that begs for some pretty petals to brighten a space. Lately I’ve been completely inspired by findings on pinterest (check out my “blooms” board here) and as of late have been experimenting with different objects from the kitchen, fun color combinations and colorful books, china and paintings to tie in a vignette. Here are some favorites I’ve been looking to.
{ Bougainvillea, my recent obsession thanks to Heidi Merrick—image from her home. I love the bright color and thin petals of this plant. }
 { A colorful tea pot acts as the perfect vase. }
 { A wooden box to hold mason jars of Peonies and Anemones. }
{ Brass vases with minimal leafy greenery. }
all images found via pinterest. 

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