Could I Have That: Around The Table

November 6, 2013

Could I Have ThatIt was around this time last year when my husband and I were out and about registering for our wedding. And yes that little gun is loads of fun. We entered the process with a pretty clear idea of what we really needed and planned on sticking to the necessities. Low on the list was china. It seemed like such a formal (and expensive) thing that we would never use and everything I had seen was so, not us. That was the thought process until I was stopped dead in my tracks by the most beautiful, classic gold rimmed china set. In one quick second what was last on our list shot straight to the top and was making me giddy to entertain more. Staring down at the 5-piece setting instantly set off a soft spot for hits of gold on a dinner table. There’s something enchanting about metallics catching light from flickering candles. This holiday season I plan incorporating gilded accents around the table and serving up some of my favorite meals on our china.

1. Marni glass / 2. Regina Andrew brass and bone tray / 3. West Elm gold flatware set /            4. Jonathan Adler coasters / 5. Gold cup cake foils / 6. Metallic taper candles / 7. Melchoir candle / 8. Gold monogram wine stopper / 9. Brass candlesticks / 10. Gold Ikat dessert plates /           11. Golden chevron high ball glass / 12. West Elm metallic glassware set

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