Cherished Turquoise

April 2, 2014

Cherished TurquoiseEvery time I purchase a piece of jewelry, I think about it’s longterm life. Buy less and spend more is my motto. The higher the quality the more I seem to wear it and love it. I credit my mom and grandmother for instilling this approach. From a young age both used to let me dive into their jewelry drawers and let me drape just about everything I could around each limb. Some of those favorites have been passed down to me, becoming the most cherished pieces in my gem box today. They come with a story, a memory and longevity that makes it worth every penny it was bought for. Most of what makes up their collections is yellow gold but the other half has a strong southwestern influence, which began thanks to my great grandmother who had a love for it. This necklace was hers and is currently on loan to me from my mom. Every time I get to wear it I think of her and how happy she’d be that I was still showing it off. It also makes me wonder, who will eventually wear my favorites years and years from now.

Zimmermann jumper, Ash booties, vintage squash blossom necklace (similar finds here).
Cherished TurquoiseCherished TurquoiseCherished TurquoiseCherished TurquoisePhotography by Arna Bee

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