Disappearing Act

April 23, 2014

Disappearing Act
 { Dramatic cat eyes. }

Nothing plagues me (and my wardrobe) more than losing something I can’t find. Last week I lost my favorite pair of sunnies. I retraced my steps over and over without any luck. In the process of tearing apart every possible place they could be, I experienced a serious case of deja vu. I seem to have a knack for misplacing my sunnies, the nerve. Years ago I lost the same pair twice, yep, I loved them that much that I spent the extra dough for the same exact pair. My latest disappearing act was the most perfect pair of matte black shades with a boxy, masculine shape (seen here and here). I reached for them nearly every day these past couple of months and my blood boils a bit when I think about how careless I was to abandon them. It was almost like they just walked away, I swear! But I’ve been looking at the bright side, I get to shop for another pair. So, I’m being optimistic and having fun with my hunt for the next great find. The future is looking bright. Here are some favorites styles I’ve got my eye on. Disappearing Act { Round + metal framed. }Disappearing Act { Clear + classic. }Disappearing Act { Mirrored + sporty. }
Disappearing Act { White + funky. }
Disappearing Act { Black + bold. } 
Disappearing Act { Tortoise + angled edges. }
Disappearing Act { My long lost pair by Super Sunglasses, RIP. }

A few I have my eye on, pun intended.

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