Change of Pace

September 3, 2014

Change of PaceFor the past few years I’ve been on the go constantly. Jumping at every opportunity and saying yes more than I ever have, which has led to some amazing experiences, trips and friends that I’m eternally thankful for. But at the same time I lived in a bit of chaos. Going from place to place left me with a shortage of time to do everything. House projects were always pushed to the back burner and any type of routine never made sense. But since crossing the line into my third trimester life has definitely taken on a different pace. I managed to skate through my first 6 months without feeling sick or tired but lately I’ve been the most comfortable and happy while staying close to home. Maybe its my energy level or the fact that nesting is a real thing regardless this baby has already started to change things in our lives and I couldn’t be more excited for it.

Clu Too pleated sweater dress, Tibi boots, Celine sunglasses (similar) and bag (similar), Alexis Russell bangles and open diamond cuff, Zoe Chicco black diamond cuff and ring (similar).
Change of PaceChange of PaceChange of PaceChange of PaceChange of PaceChange of Pace Change of Pace

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