Third Trimester: Style Notes

November 21, 2019

Something about hitting “thirty-something weeks pregnant” hit me that this baby is coming SOON! Excitement to meet her, nerves about the labor and a sudden urge to nest and get things done—i.e. set up the nursery and remind myself of the things I really need the first couple of months. Style wise I hit a point where I needed some new pieces in the mix to feel like myself again. So I thought I would share my favorite brands and pieces I’ve picked up that have made the start of my third trimester a little easier. 

Pictured: Dôen Caramel Dress and Beatrice Valenzuela Sandalia shoes

Of course every body is different but here’s what I have found to work for me: 

Body hugging knit dresses (especially at this time of year). The Jenni Kayne Sweater Dress has been my all time favorite. It’s something I know I’ll wear after pregnancy and it pairs so well with cozy sweaters and cardigans. I usually throw on a pair of slides (either Beatrice Valenzuela sandals pictured here or my most recent purchase Jenni Kayne shearling mules). I just bought this similar knit dress from Zara, I’ll make sure to report back on the fit! Also a note about fitted dresses, Belly Bandit makes amazing undergarments to avoid bumps from underwear on fitted dresses. I have the Thighs Disguise pair and feel so much more comfortable with them on.

I have also picked up a few overalls, something I wasn’t as into in my last pregnancy but have found them to be a staple this time around. My favorites so far are the Supersoft Overalls by Monrow and Hatch Denim Overalls. They’re perfect with comfortable sneakers, slides or a cozy cardigan.  

One thing that has made my wardrobe go ’round while pregnant are oversized cocoon cardigans and knit coats. On days when you’re not feeling so hot about your rapidly growing body, it’s nice to cover up a bit while still feeling stylish and cozy. My go-to brands for good oversized knits here: Jenni Kayne, Hatch, Mango, Zara and Shopbop. Good knitwear is something you can invest in while pregnant since it most definitely will still work after baby too. 

With the holidays coming up I’ve started to sift through my wardrobe and figure out what dresses will work for turkey dinners, cocktail parties and more. I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of my Doen dresses still worked and I hopped online because I remembered they have a whole section just for motherhood/maternity. I also have my eye some new pieces for the holidays: Ricky Slip Velvet Dress, Cami Gown, Stretch Jersey Dress and this Gingham Mini Dress. Something tells me heels won’t be my shoe of choice for the holidays…. 

Ricky Slip Dress

Wool Coat

Leisure Trudy Wool Dress

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