Up Up and Away

November 13, 2014

super_high_pony_tailFor years I kept my hair long and slightly layered. The only time I ever cut it short (above my shoulders short) was in high school and I swore I’d never do it again. But of course back then my knowledge of styling was pretty minimal so the only attempts I made at controlling my chin length shag was taking a straightening iron to it, which needless to say didn’t do wonders. After a decade (and some) of sticking to long hair I got bored, like we always do. So a year ago I decided to trim it up, about 5 inches. Not quite short but not quite long (seen here and here). For a while I loved it, it worked and I got into creating messy waves with my sort of short locks with a Nume curling iron. Here’s where my real mistake happened. After it grew out a tad I decided to go shorter just before the start of summer. Since the chop I’ve had 3 bad hair days for every good one and praying for my hair to grow faster. I’ve gotten back some of the length (which seemed to happen at a snails pace, regardless of the whole myth of prenatal vitamins) and have resorted to getting creative with different pony tails and buns. Here are ten that I’ve been looking to for inspiration…

{ Above, a higher than high pony tail. }

60s_pony_tail{ A 60’s style pony with height at the crown. }braided_bun{ Braided back into a bun. }messy_bun{ Messiest of messy buns pinned on top. }twisted_buns{ Twisted into a low chignon. }pulled_back_low_pony{ Pulled back to the nape of the neck with a long barrett. }low_casual_bun{ On the go, low bun. }looped_pony{ Low and looped. }high_casual_bun{ High and knotted. }french_twist_messy

{ A messy French twist. }

Tools and products I can’t live without these days…

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