Tata Harper

December 5, 2014

Tata HarperOne peek at my arsenal of beauty products and its clear that Tata Harper is a favorite. The line initially caught my attention because its made with only natural ingredients, something you think about with a bun in the oven. But what I found is that its so much more than just being “organic”. My skin actually glows and feels hydrated. A few staple favorites (Rejuvenating Cleanser is a must!) I have to stock well before the bottle runs out or my days just don’t go as smoothly—its sufficed to say I’m completely addicted. I had the chance to test out some new products and chat with Tata Harper herself on being a mom and her beauty tips for mama and baby.

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My current favorites above: Nourishing Oil Cleanser (perfect for dry winter skin!), Rejuvenating Cleanser, Volumizing Lip and Cheek TintBeautifying Face Oil (the smell alone makes me feel good), Hydrating Floral Essence (a favorite to spritz on throughout the day), Revitalizing Body Oil.

Tata HarperWhat are your top 5 product suggestions for a new mom?

The first product I always recommend to a new mom is the Aromatic Bedtime Treatment. This aromatherapy helped me so much when my little ones were born – it really helps to calm and ground you and bring you some peace when you need it most.
Something that’s been part of my everyday routine since I became a mom is a bath soak with my babies – I love to include aromatic bath salts to make the experience really calming. I love Aura Cacia bath salts; especially the chamomile and lavender blends.
An antiaging serum is a must for a new mom! Especially one that multitasks, and does a little bit of everything: addresses wrinkles, elasticity, firmness, etc. That way, you just put it on in the morning and at night, it takes two seconds, and you’re done – but you’re really saving your skin. My Rejuvenating Serum is the one I used every day through my pregnancies and as a new mother.
An anti aging eye creme is another one that new moms must invest in – the eye area is the thinnest skin on our face, and it is especially prone to showing signs of fatigue and aging. Just a little dab on each eye and a brief second to massage it in will make such a difference. My Restorative Eye Creme is my absolute go-to.
Last, I’d recommend a face mask that delivers an immediate glow, while being non-messy and super easy to apply literally any time throughout the day – our Resurfacing Mask. It’s a beta-hydroxy treatment that delivers instant glow; the best part about it is that it dries totally clear, so you can go about doing whatever it is that you’re doing – breastfeeding, eating breakfast, whatever. It reveals fresh, beautiful new skin that looks brightened and awake. So key, especially after a rough night!

2. Any tips for warding off tired eyes for new moms?
Using chamomile tea bags to reduce puffiness and dark circles is an age-old trick, but it really works! Soak the tea bags in hot water for a few minutes and then pull them out, squeeze out the extra water, and let them fully cool. Then, lie back, and rest the tea bags on the area just under your eye, and relax for a bit. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory benefits that helps to reduce inflamed, puffy skin. Another thing to keep in mind is to drink lots of water – puffy eyes can be caused by dehydration, so make sure you’re on top of your liquid intake! Splashing the face with super cold water upon waking is another good way to reduce puffiness; the coldness of the water will help constrict blood vessels to bring the skin back to normal.

3. Are there any Tata Harper products to try on baby?
Our Revitalizing Body Oil, Fortifying Body Lotion and Replenishing Nutrient Complex would all be wonderful for the baby – the first two to moisturize after bath-time, and the Complex would be for soothing and hydrating any dry, itchy or irritated skin. It’s packed with natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that comfort any troubled spots on the skin.

4. Anything you relied on when you were a new mom?
I was completely reliant on our gliding rocking chair – it was always the key to getting them to fall asleep. It even became a problem when we traveled – if I was in a new place, figuring out how to get them down without that familiar rocking feeling was tough!

5. What’s one Tata Harper product to always keep in a new mom’s diaper bag?
The Hydrating Floral Essence. The skin can always use a boost of moisture, and this Essence smells like heaven. Plus, it just instantly makes the skin look more refreshed. I go through bottles so fast!

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