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September 11, 2015


This time last year I was that pregnant lady who was always at the pool, floating with a look of relief on my face. I was washing baby clothes, putting together the nursery, reading books and trying my hardest not to let my brain wander to the what if questions. But, I’m only human so naturally the things I wanted to desperately have a solution for before they even happened were googled a handful of times. At the top of my worries list was breastfeeding. After watching two friends struggle with the whole process (one didn’t produce enough milk, another had Mastitis) I was more than a little uneasy about what might happen in my world. Plus it seems like such a foreign thing not to mention all the endless tips—the football hold, latching techniques, yada yada. Most people have nightmares about the birth process, I kept having them about breastfeeding. So here’s our story on feeding from 0 to 10 months.

Since I had a pretty easy (and quick) labor I was able to nurse Elin minutes after she was born. She latched on quickly and the rest was smooth sailing for the most part. Around 2 weeks it became apparent that she had some acid reflux troubles. Instead of the blissful milk coma most babies have after a feeding, she would get fussy and cry—not every time but about half of the time. It was tough but the more we got her on a schedule, feeding every 3 hours the better it all got. We had her on baby Zantac and I cut out dairy and egg from my diet, which all seemed to help. I had the choice to switch her to formula (some doctors recommend it) but it wasn’t a guarantee that it would help and some think breastmilk is actually better for reflux. And since she wasn’t really taking a bottle I stuck it out. And I’m so glad I did. Because it really was just a phase.

love-shack-fancy-could-i-have-that_9When Elin turned 6 months we started solid foods. First with rice cereal (she was into it, but it was short lived), then pureed peas, avocado and prunes. She loved it. By the time she was 8 months old she was having three meals (just purees). Around 9 months she got her bottom teeth and we added halved blueberries (still her favorite food by miles!), bananas, cheese and yogurt to the mix. For the record I would have no idea what kind of food to give her if it wasn’t for friends who gave me tips and this book that I absolutely love. Now she eats almost everything we do except honey and some berries.

I’m still breastfeeding Elin 3 times a day, although we’re currently trying to transition to formula but the girl will not take a bottle. She was taking one fine for a few months but refuses one now. I’m trying to figure out if its the formula she doesn’t like or just over the bottle. Since she eats so much food now I’m not too worried about it nor is our pediatrician. She’s a happy girl and that’s all we care about.

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love-shack-fancy-could-i-have-that_1 love-shack-fancy-could-i-have-that_2 love-shack-fancy-could-i-have-that_3love-shack-fancy-could-i-have-that_7Elin and I are both wearing Love Shack Fancy. I can’t get enough of their baby collaboration with Romy and the Bunnies! You can find my dress here and here and Elin’s two looks here and here.

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