How To: Tousled Waves

December 8, 2015

tousled-waves-tutorial-could-i-have-that-10I consider my everyday hair routine pretty low maintenance for the most part. So I’m always flattered and surprised when readers or friends ask me what products I use and how I get my wave. This is a long overdue tutorial on what I like to call, tousled waves.

Step 1: I should start by saying that I have a natural wave to my hair and I recently added a few highlights here and there, which seemed to add a touch of texture to my otherwise healthy locks. With that said, after washing my hair with Nexxus New York Salon Care Emergencée Shampoo and Conditioner I typically let my hair air dry so the natural wave comes out. While its slightly damp still I spritz Nexxus New York Salon Care Hydra-Light Root Lift Mist at the roots.

Step 2 + 3: With a round brush I blow dry the roots for a touch of volume. If parts of my hair are still a tad wet I’ll toss my head upside down and give my whole head a quick dry

Step 4: Once its dry I grab my curling iron, I use a 1.5″ barrel. While my iron is heating up I lightly mist my hair with Nexxus New York Salon Care Heat Protecting Mist. The smell of this stuff is amazing and it leaves your hair feeling soft and healthy, I can’t get enough.

Step 5 + 6: I take sections of my hair, starting with the bottom/front and curl some pieces away/out and some forward/in, twisting the hair while I wrap it around the iron. At the same time I don’t let it sit on the iron for more than 2 seconds, its more of a running it through my hair to get that subtle wave. If you want more of a curl for some pieces hold the iron for a second longer.

Step 7 + 8: After creating the waves I shake my head out upside down, tousling it with my hands and spraying it with Nexxus New York Salon Care Comb Thru Finishing Mist. The light hold is perfect for subtle/messy waves.

Step 9: As a final step I curl any pieces that seem a little too crazy or out of place. 
tousled-waves-could-i-have-that-tutorialPhotography by Arna Bee // This post is sponsored by Nexxus New York Salon Care, a product of Unilever.

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