Winter Routine

January 19, 2016

bareminerals-skincare-could-i-have-that-7It’s the dead of winter, which means right about now we’re all dreaming about being on an island somewhere working on our tan and sporting a dewey sun kissed glow. Sounds amazing right? I don’t think anyone would argue that a tropical getaway would turn their dry, rough and irritated skin around in a heartbeat. But until I buy those plane tickets, I’ll be relying on a few tips and tricks to help my skin get through these cold months. From someone who already has dry/sensitive skin, here is a winter routine that has been working wonders for me.
bareminerals-skincare-could-i-have-that-4Invest in a good humidifier. I’ve been using this one as of late and it’s really helped on those extra cold days when we’re inside pumping the heater. Put one by your desk while you’re working or turn one on at night in the bedroom. It’s made a huge difference for me and taken away that initial feeling of waking up with horribly parched skin in the mornings.
bareminerals-skincare-could-i-have-that-2Find products that agree with your skin and stick with them. For me that has been the new bareMinerals skincare line that I’ve been loving lately. I use the Clay Chameleon cleanser, which leaves your skin feeling über clean and soft, followed by Skinlongevity and Butter Drench at night/ Smart Combination in the morning. My skin soaks it up and feels amazing. Plus there’s loads amazing ingredients such as mineral-rich sea salts, elderflower, ginger, healing herbs and more, making this line extra special. One thing I’ve learned about breakouts and irritations, sometimes its the combination of products you might be using. In the past I’d buy it all and use it all and my skin would freak out. Stick with what works and get advice from an esthetician.bareminerals-skincare-could-i-have-thatExfoliate regularly. This is a great tip for anyone in their 20’s and 30’s because it will actually help you combat signs of aging on top of keeping your skin feeling soft and supple. I use a either a brush or an exfoliating mask 1-2 times a week.bareminerals-skincare-could-i-have-that-3Treat yourself to a facial. If there’s ever a time to spoil your pretty face, now’s the season to do it. Especially if you’re having problems and can’t seem to get into a rhythm with your routine. Since the pros use stronger products, it might be just what you need. bareminerals-skincare-could-i-have-that-5Don’t get lazy. We’ve all been there, that long day at work or too many cocktails at girls night to bother washing your face? I did it recently over the holidays and was reminded of the price you pay in the morning. Stripping your face of the makeup and dirt is oh so important to keeping skin feeling fresh and revived the next day. Plus the nighttime routine is the most important since you get all that time to spoil your skin with amazing treatments or products. bareminerals-skincare-could-i-have-that-6Drink your H2O. This one is the hardest for me but it really does make a difference. Remember to stay hydrated!

Photography by Arna Bee // thank you to bareMinerals for supporting this post!

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