Half Up

April 18, 2016

CIHT_12.20.15_HR_105Last week I found myself pinning fervently will sipping down my morning cup of jo. I got carried away and before I knew it a good 30 minutes had gone by—always the case when entering the world Pinterest. I found myself falling down a rabbit hole of hair inspiration. Something about warm beach bound days gives me heart palpitations for unruly waves, messy high buns and anything that says “I’m on vacation.” Among my usual cravings I encountered a new obsession, the half up half down. It was the way I wore my hair for a good chunk of my childhood, so I avoided it for years. But lately I’ve found ways of making it a tad more mature.

1. Start with loose, tousled waves. A free form shape will give a more bohemian vibe and less 6th grade picture day. And yes I wore my hair half up, half down for school pictures that year, braces included.

CIHT_12.20.15_HR_0992. Add a bun. Just how you would with a messy bun on top, but with half the hair. CIHT_12.20.15_HR_1082. Throw a braid into the mix and tease the hair a bit at the crown and the lower half.

Dress by MIH jeans, Givenchy shark tooth cuff, vintage cuff (similar).

Images by Arna Bee

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