Soleil Blanc

April 15, 2016

tom-ford-fragrance-could-i-have-that-4As a kid I remember standing on my tippy toes to reach my moms lotions and potions on her bathroom counter. I always went straight for the perfume and when she wasn’t looking I’d spritz a little on my wrist. It must have been pricey because she’d hide it from time to time. The scent was in a square, clear bottle with a white label and it reminded me of oranges and sunshine. She doesn’t wear the same scent anymore but the smell is still vividly captured in my memory and anything reminiscent of it immediately takes me back to my childhood and makes me think of my mom.

I’ve always been fascinated with scents and how they can timestamp memories and phases of our lives. It’s an age old accessory that works beyond how you look and happens to be (in my opinion) one of the simplest ways to define your personal style. I’ve always gravitated towards Tom Ford scents at Nordstrom. Something about the sleek bottles and pure notes (nothing too perfume-y) wear perfectly for my taste. Neroli Portofino has been an everyday favorite but the latest addition to Tom Ford’s fragrance collection, Soleil Blanc, is an island vacation in a bottle. If you’re searching for something special for mom, be sure to check out some of the beauty and fragrance gifts at Nordstrom—wrap up Soleil Blanc along with a bikini for sweet package.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, Soleil Blanc and Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body OilIRO top, Marysia swimsuit (similar), Celine sunglasses (similar), Preston and Olivia hat (similar).
tom-ford-fragrance-could-i-have-that-5Tom-Ford-perfume tom-ford-fragrance-could-i-have-that-3tom-ford-fragrance-could-i-have-that-2Tom-Ford-perfume2tom-ford-fragrance-could-i-have-that-6tom-ford-fragrance-could-i-have-that-10 tom-ford-fragrance-could-i-have-that-9

Photography by Arna Bee // Thank you to Nordstrom for supporting this post.

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