May 4, 2016

I’m beyond excited to share our first issue of Could I Have That? Mini—a digital magazine rounding up some of my favorite topics when it comes to all things kiddos. When I became a mama to Elin I wanted to share so much of this new side of my life without letting it take over completely. In other words, I didn’t want to stray from what the core of this space is, lifestyle at its best. Being a parent is just an element within that picture. So I came up with the idea to carve out a spot where I could unleash all the different things baby/kid-related that I’ve been itching to share with all of you without bombarding those that may not be picking up Cheerios on the regular. Enter a digital magazine. You can turn pages like a magazine, click on almost every photo, text and shop directly from what you see. I hope you find some inspiration in what we’ve created! And I’d love to hear your thoughts (good or bad!) on this new avenue.

Thank you for all your support and a special thanks to the amazing Arna Bee and Michaela Tutor who helped me turn this idea into a reality.

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