Home Refresh for Summer

July 6, 2016


With the recent heat wave in California, it has officially felt like Summer in these parts. After returning from our trip back east I found myself nesting for the season. I spent a few days organizing, cleaning and getting our home ready for a sun filled season and discovered a few things in the process that have made me feel re-energized to entertain, cook and take on the days. It’s amazing how a few adjustments around your home can make a world of a difference in your everyday routine.summer-sweep-could-i-have-thatIn the Bathroom, Towel Tornado: During the Summer we love cooling off at the end of the day with a beach or pool swim. Somehow towels end up in every corner, on every towel rack and the closet that they came from is somehow a disorganized mess. So I came up with a new system that seems to work pretty well. I found a giant basket that I loved and rolled each towel, stuffing them in vertically. Took half the time to put them away after going through the laundry and looks pretty cute!

summer-sweep-could-i-have-that_5In the Kitchen, Open Shelving: When we remodeled our kitchen two years ago, I was hesitant about going with open shelving because I wasn’t sure how we would keep it looking organized. We ended up getting rid of a lot and opted to keep everything clean, white and unified for the most part. Everything has it’s place which seems to keep us in check but every season I love to dress it up with a hit of color. For summer I added a touch of yellow with lemons, a favorite new olive oil and some favorite brass pieces.

summer-sweep-could-i-have-that2In the Refrigerator, Summer Snacking: During the Summer months I find myself in need of pick-me-ups throughout the day, I blame the heat and non-stop activities, so I try to keep the kitchen stocked at all times. Activia® Fruit Fusion is something you’ll always find in my refrigerator—especially the Strawberry & Raspberry. They’re a good source of calcium and are filled with probiotics. It’s something I’ll eat at any time of the day and grab before heading out the door.

summer-sweep-could-i-have-that_1In the Bedroom, Seasonal Scent: My dresser top is a place that quickly gets disorganized and messy. So, I try to keep only a few pieces of jewelry and one perfume on display at a time and switch the options out every 2-3 months. I found a Lucite tray that I love, which contains everything and adds a glamorous touch. In a separate cabinet I use stacked Lucite trays to keep the rest of my jewelry collection.

summer-sweep-could-i-have-that_3In the Garden, Hosing Around: Our backyard needs a lot of TLC, which is at the top of our summer to-do list. I checked off one major upgrade that has kicked off the motivation all around: a shiny new garden hose. It’s not only saving space but looks ten times better.

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