Beauty Bag

August 5, 2016

From the humidity in New York, to the dry mountain climate in Ojai, here are the Summer beauty essentials that proved to be essentials for every kind of climate these past few months…

Hair. I’m convinced the texture of my hair has changed over the past year and its driving me a bit crazy. I found this Kevin.Murphy Plumping shampoo and conditioner and it somehow brings the life back to my locks a bit, adding volume and smoothness. A little tip, try out the All About Me quiz on their site, it will point you in the right direction in terms of which products to try. I also love their Fresh.Hair dry shampoo because it smells a-mazing! While in dry mountain climates I used a bit of Dry Bar 100 Proof Treatment Oil on my hair before letting it air dry.

Face. The most important step in any daily skincare routine for summer months is exfoliating, next to wearing sunscreen of course. I’ve been using this Bobbi Brown Radiance Boost mask for the past two months and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean.
august-beauty-bag-could-i-have-that_4Makeup. While we were in New York, I couldn’t get over how shiny (and unfortunately greasy) I looked by the end of the day. The humidity was intense for this California girl so I picked up three NARS products to combat the shine, I haven’t stopped using them since! After putting on my sunscreen I use the NARS Pro Prime Refining Primer, which gives your skin a matte, smooth finish so its a perfect canvas to start your makeup with. Then in the spots where I get the shiniest, t-zone, forehead and chin, I use this brush to dab some NARS Instant Line & Pore Refiner. This is my absolute favorite because it eliminates the shine without loosing that summer glow. Lastly I use the NARS Pro Primer Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base to keep any eye shadow from running into my creases

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